Captain William S. Jemmett

Captain William S. Jemmett was born in London England and is the som of William T. Jemmett. After serving fifteen years as an English army officer he came to British Columbia and joined the government survey service where he worked for twelve years including his service as surveyor with the Indian Reserve Commission. Gilbert Sproat had recommended Jemmett because he was “a quiet, discreet man who [would] not worry settlers, nor alarm the Indians” and because he had some experience in the interior as he was an early pioneer in the Agassiz area. In 1878 Jemmett was one of three surveyors, along with Edward Mohun and A.H. Green surveying reserve allotments throughout the province. Jemmett was assigned to the mainland reserves along with Green. In 1880 he was married to Miss F. Woods, the daughter of Archdeacon Woods of Victoria.


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